7 Disneyland Treats You Don't Want to Miss (with tips)

Disneyland treats are what makes it truly the Happiest Place on Earth. Here is my list of favorites based on my long history of Disneyland love.

Our favorite Disneyland Treats:

Pecan Nuttles

These particular confections are seemingly elusive, but if you can get your hands on these goodies and would enjoy a delightful mix of chocolate, caramel, and a layer of pecans, then seek them out!

Alas, there are only twelve Nuttles to a pack so enjoy them slowly! My parents used to buy these and it would be a treat for all of us to get one there were 4 of us children and to me, this is more proof my parents were truly selfless.

Socalist Tip: I have only ever found these beauties at the Candy Palace on Main St., near the toffee and they are not always available. If you’re a fan of the candy making on Main Street U.S.A. and want find out what candies are being produced each day, there’s a phone number you can call that will tell you which candies are being made in the park on any particular day. (It’s a recorded message and usually covers a week at a time.) Just call 714-781-0112.


Dole Whip

This smooth textured and sweet treat is a well-known Disneyland treat favorite. The perfectly-swirled pineapple soft serve ice cream comes in transparent thick plastic cups, and the float includes a festive paper umbrella and cherry.

SoCalist Tip: use the Tiki Room side of the stand – the line is usually shorter!
Bonus SoCalist Tip: Not inside the park? You can also get Dole Whip soft serve and floats at The Coffee House inside the Disneyland Hotel.


Gourmet Donuts

A recent addition to Main St., the Coffee Cart now features Disneyland’s own creative gourmet donuts. Having made over 40 new creations, including the Matterhorn Macaroon donut, gummy bear donuts, “Up” themed Gum Ball bars, smores donuts, and classic maple bacon bars. If you need another reason to stop by, consider it’s only steps away from the castle, making it easy to Insta your most creative selections.

SoCalist Tip: Pineapple-lovers rejoice! The Coffee Cart currently (as of 7/15/18) has Pineapple Donut- The filled donut has pineapple flavored icing on top, along with a swirl of marshmallow meringue.



Disneyland treats - Caramel Apple Pixar balls
Photo from the Disney Parks Blog

Caramel Apples

What list of Disney Treats would be complete without caramel apples? Watching them being made is an iconic Disneyland attraction as you can watch them be stuck, dipped and decorated right before your eyes. Seasonal designs are always available, but the old classics caramel or caramel and peanuts are always satisfying.

SoCalist Tip: All Character Candy Apples are Granny Smith apples dipped in caramel and then dipped in chocolate and decorated with sugar, marshmallows, and more chocolate.



Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums

These are a new addition to my list of favorites but who doesn’t like the sound of freshly baked cookies like the Jack-Jack Cookie Num Num (a warm chocolate chip cookie), the IncrediCookie (a gluten-friendly blackberry jam-filled cookie) and the Jack-Jack Shortbread Cookie.

SoCalists Tip: The line has been consistently long for these so if avoiding lines is important to your Disney experience, head here early.



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As classic as Disney treats gets, the churro is known for possibly having a bit of magic mixed in with the sugar. There are 13 churro carts throughout Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure and many of them will have a line but trust us, they’re worth the wait.

SoCalists Tip: Get them fresh when you can. Want to spice up your Disney Day? The Caliente Churro at Señor Buzz Churros will give you a spicy kick. Visit different carts for different flavor options, and look out for seasonal and celebrational flavors.


Mickey Beignets

Disneyland’s Cafe Orleans offers Mickey-shaped beignets as a dessert menu item. Beignets are a rich, buttery pastry fried in hot oil. It’s like biting into a sugary golden brown pillow of deliciousness. You’ll find them at the Mint Julep Bar in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square as well. Look out for seasonal flavors, as strawberry, gingerbread at Christmas and sparkly Mardi Gras beignets are a special treat.

SoCalist Tip: If you want the dipping sauce with your Mickey’s, you’ll have to order at Cafe Orleans as the Mint Julep bar gives you a travel-friendly bag.




What are your favorite Disneyland treats?

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